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Here is where I am posting all my progress on my Stoney Creek CrossStitch. Anyone else that loves Stoney Creek and wants to show off your stitching email me at crafty000@verizon.net and I will send you an invite.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Here Are Some Of Stoney Creeks New Charts!

I recieved these charts in the mail today!

I love the Santa's Truckin Team and the Halloween Time!  I also love the owl and eagle in Nature's Pride!
Here is Holiday Issue of Stoney Creeks Mag Autumn 2011 and Winter 2011

I love the snowman bell pull and the Christmas cards in the Autumn Mag and the Winter Sampler in the Winter Mag!  Well going to go find my SC Wips and post my progress.  Happy Stitching Everyone!